Every Industry, founded in 2005, manufactures a wide range of Explosion Proof Products.  Our headquarter is located in a 50,000 square feet facility in Los Angeles, California.

We are recognized in providing reliable quality products and customer services, with extremely competitive prices and excellent technical support.  We have professional engineering and manufacturing teams to develop and manufacture energy efficient lighting products.  We also have strong and efficient sales and logistic teams and management to provide immediate services throughout the entire purchasing process.  The goal of our company is to provide innovative lighting products with outstanding service and extremely competitive prices.

Each employee is an important family member in Every Industry.  Under the atmosphere of good corporate culture, everyone of Every Industry works very hard towards a common object of becoming a world-class manufacturer.


  • Only offer 3 year’s or 5 year’s warranty or any other warranty period specified in the contract for the product from the date of purchase.
  • Proof of purchase may be required.
  • The warranty requires return of defective part or product to Every Industry’s warehouse in USA by instruction of Every Industry.
  • The warranty policy only requires manufacturer to repair the defective product or send substitute for replacement.
  • Installation labor, electricity cost, transportation cost and other related costs will not be covered by the manufacturer warranty policy.
  • Warranty doesn’t cover the defect caused by fair wear and tear, unused, inappropriate use, unauthorized modification, in-transit damage, especially if directions of the instructions for use are not observed, normal abrasion as well as failures which affect the value or use of the product insignificantly.